The ENNEADI project is mainly addressed to professionals who, with different roles, work and assist people with acquired disabilities, with particular reference to neurological disabilities resulting from a traumatic event (e.g. after a brain or spinal cord injury). The “sedentary” condition of these subjects requires special attention to healthy behaviors and good lifestyles related to nutrition, in order to prevent diseases such as overweight and obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.

For this reason it is important to raise awareness and make the above mentioned professionals more aware of the importance of their role towards the quality of life and good eating practices of these non-self-sufficient subjects.

In the specif, the project intends:


To let involved professionals and stakeholders improve their knowledge on good practices (at European level), related to quality of life, wellbeing and nutritional practices in favour of people with acquired disability;


to start up a methodological review of new training paths aimed at teaching in innovative, flexible and open ways, the aforementioned subjects in favour of professionals with very different educational and professional background;


to raise awareness among partner’s entities, local stakeholders, institutions and European networks on the importance of practices on quality of life and dietary good standards for assuring wellbeing of disadvantaged people such as persons with acquired disability.