ENNEADI main expected results are:

A DEFINITION OF INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL METHODOLOGIES developed in collaboration with experienced partners and validated through a peer review by the project’s network, in particular on the field of good quali­ty-of-life and nutrition practices and services for the people with acquired di­sabilities;
A DESIGN, EXPERIMENTATION AND DISSEMINATION OF EDUCATIONAL TOOLS aimed at providing for professional contents on good nutritional practices, to be used on flexible e-learning platforms and tools.

ENNEADI results:

  • 1 – Guidelines on training and educational methodologies and practices in favour of professionals ordinarily working with people with acquired disability, taking stock of most recent scientific research in the field of life sciences, health, life quality, etc.
  • 2 – An e-Learning course addressed to those professionals on preventive dietary habits and quality of life.
  • 3 – Policy recommendations that contribute to the promotion of structured training modules on healthy and correct nutritional habits for people with acquired disability in the institutions and bodies that offer study courses and refresher courses for professionals.